Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People Are Lovely

Don't worry, I've not become a weird hippy, everyone's still a bunch of bastards, of course.
I may be a slightly more normal sort of hippy, though.

Children and impressionable people look away now, I'm about to get x-rated again and say something unconscionable:

Talking to strangers can be good.

Not the puppy worrying sort, obviously, but I met a man with a whippet at the weekend, and he turned out to be a very fine fella indeed.
He had been battling food poisoning and small town apathy for days, yet still managed to be the finest host a drunk could ask for. I have never before witnessed such an expanse of bottled beer and, eh, ... something else beginning with 'B' ... oh yeah, books.

The launch of Moffat Book Month in the Chambers Gallery in Moffat's High Street was an invitation only do, and I was one of the lucky ones. Put it this way, if you weren't invited you wish you were. If you were invited and didn't turn up, you're a fool and I hope you're already making plans for next year.

A very successful art gallery has decided to devote one month a year to the art of writing, as opposed to that stuff people do with paint and pictures.
If you're a writer and you're reading this, get yourself involved.

Not only did I get the opportunity to discover some very interesting books, I also got to have a few beers with some very fine writers, some of whom I'd met 'online' previously, and some I hadn't.

Biggest surprise of the evening for me: There's not a single one of them I wouldn't happily go for a pint with, or trust with my dog.

People are lovely, it seems.

It's hard to be cynical at times like this. I hate nature for that.