Friday, February 20, 2009


Writers are, for the most part, idiots.
Sorry, that's insulting to the innocent idiots of the world.
Writers (I'm including myself in this one so I should say 'wannabe' writers) should not be allowed to congregate. It's unhealthy, counter-productive and, sometimes, hideous to witness.
In recent days I've been forced to behold (when I say 'forced' I mean I clicked on a forum by choice) some of the most vindictive, cruel and unnecessary vitriol it's possible to find without giving your credit card details. And this was between writers. Not a writer and a critic; not even a successful writer and a wannabe. This was one wannabe to another wannabe - two people in exactly the same place, albeit in different genres.
It was a disgrace, and I felt disgu-- nah, it was fucking hilarious, actually.
Someone called someoneelse 'this', so someoneelse came back by calling someone 'that', forcing a clever retort from someone of 'well! blahh blah, ya blaah!'. This took someoneelse by surprise, and forced them into a brief retreat with a simpering 'waahh, waahh, blah!' They recovered quickly, though, and added 'BLAHH, ya blah. HAH!' to which someone replied 'Blah you, ya stupid blah! So there!'
And then, when it seemed all was lost and war was inevitable, yetanotherperson intervened, saying 'When is it 'past', and when is it 'passed'?'
'Hmm,' said someone.
'Tricky one, that,' said someoneelse.
And peace was restored.

Writers are idiots.


  1. There have been numerous times I've thought exactly the same thing. Excellent blog post, I must say. Many stitches, here.

  2. I never get into fights on writer's sites. Never.


  3. I dont see any crap here....that is false advertising.