Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stop It!

There's a lot happening in the world at the moment that it's valid to be angry about. There are people, and things, on this earth that I reckon it's justifiable to hate without having to worry if you're being a reactionary twat.
They can be boiled down to one thing. That is: choosing a course of action that you know will result in someone else being detrimentally affected.
That's it, really. All the world's ills are summed up, right there.

So, you know, stop it.

You want clarification? Why? It's all there. If I ever run for office that'll be my campaign slogan: Stop It! (and yes, I will capitalise the 'it')

Macro/micro, obviously.

Macro - if you're a banker, stop banking so much, you'll only hurt youself in the end, and leave stains you'll struggle to explain.

If you're religious, in any shape or form, stop thinking that means everyone who doesn't happen to subscribe to your particular beliefs deserves death, scorn or placards.

If you're a politician, well, how's that working out for you?

Micro - If you know you're likely to offend or hurt someone with the things you type on a keyboard in the secrecy of your own home, stop it. It's neither big nor clever. Sarcasm is a wonderful thing. Stop mistaking it with bile.

If you want to be funny, stop not knowing the meaning of the word 'funny'.

And, the best Stop It of all:

Stop bloody judging. Just stop. It.

I've seen people I respect torn to shreds online for no reason other than they expressed an opinion. They didn't judge, just commented on things honestly.

We're still in the 'micro' world, obviously. Someone I regard as a friend typed something awful recently, truly awful. It was typed flippantly, but it made me feel sick.

The lesson it taught me? Other than just Stop It, it was this:

Stop it, and shut the fuck up until you have an intelligent argument to present.

Maybe that's just me.

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  1. People say things on the internet that they would not dare say to someone face to face - even if completely drunk. I think it's because they can't see the face of the other and therefore don't realise the pain they are causing.
    But if that is too naive an opinion then how about this...cowards and bullies are out there, people with poor impulse control, people with damage who want to damage others, people who are distorted with malice, spite and hate.
    Poor them. Really...poor, poor them.